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Component cleanliness at a new level - the VACOM cleanFAB® process chain delivers high purity

We clean your components according
to defined purity classes. Guaranteed!

Facts & Figures

Years of knowledge gained through in-house production of vacuum components and various project support generated a clear picture of the complex cleanliness requirements from research and industry. From this, our experts developed an optimally coordinated process chain with a seamless mix of cleaning technologies, called VACOM cleanFAB®. Aqueous, solvent-based, hybrid, CNp, HD, vacuum bakeout or plasma processes, etc. are put together in such a way that the broadest possible component mix from a wide variety of materials and geometries with different initial impurities can be routinely cleaned according to the world's most demanding specifications.


We clean almost all materials and coatings commonly used in the high-tech industry. We have developed our table of materials to give you an overview. It gives you an overview of typical materials and their importance in the context of parts cleaning. This table is a first orientation for you. Your material is not included? No problem, contact us! We will find the optimal cleaning programme to meet your requirements.


Precise component cleaning is a complex interaction of component sizes, material components and targeted cleanliness specifications. With our developed "cleaning recipes" with matched parameters, we can process components weighing up to 100 kg (220,5 lb), from small screws to over 1 m(6.1 · 104 cubic inch). We are happy to discuss the geometries and structures of your components and their cleaning properties in advance. By manufacturing our own vacuum-capable products to the highest standards, we have been familiar with the challenges of complex and simultaneously clean components for years. Please feel free to contact us for advice, even before or during the design phase. Our contact persons will be pleased to help you.

Purity Classes

Factory standards for guaranteed component cleanliness. Within our cleaning process chain and the resulting component cleanliness, typical metals from industry and research are differentiated: stainless steel, titanium, nickel, aluminum and copper. The classes provide different criteria with regard to the material-dependent outgassing rate and help you with the classification. You can find out more about the classification and its significance in our separate section on parts cleaning. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Our contact persons will clarify them in more detail and advise you on your components.

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