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Vacuum Industries

Vacuum technology is an essential enabling technology that makes the products of many industries possible in the first place. Only the absence of disruptive substances and the cleanliness of the processes make it possible to manufacture products such as microchips without defects or to run technical processes without negative influences. In a vacuum, interfering factors can be avoided and reactions can often only be made possible. Today, for example, a technically generated vacuum is a key technology closely associated with coating processes such as those in the optics or semiconductor industries. Particle accelerators use extremely low pressures and sometimes have to withstand radiation. Space projects require the research and testing of components under simulated space conditions with extreme impacts. Sensitive measuring equipment sometimes requires defined residual gas environments for reliable investigations of materials and surfaces. 
VACOM is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum technology with a broad portfolio. In combination with the generated component cleanliness, users have products at their disposal that meet the highest demands of many high-tech industries.


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