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Product Configurator

The perfect vacuum component for your application

Configurator for vacuum components

You haven't found the right vacuum component for your application?

Then simply configure your vacuum component in our online product configurator. All you need is an active VACOM customer account to get started straight away. Choose the dimensions, material and purity class of your standard components from over 1000 combinations with just a few clicks. Soon you will be able to configure further product groups.

Customised products
Determine dimensions, material and cleaning classes exactly according to your requirements.
Save time
Create your product with just a few clicks, regardless of time and place.
Easy navigation
You can configure your vacuum component quickly and easily with just a few clicks.
Quick quotation
You will find your configured product in your shopping cart and can request a quotation as usual.
Detailed product description
Immediately download your data sheet and a 3D model of the product you have configured.
No further software required
You only need an active VACOM customer account and can start immediately.
You want to get started right away?

To get started immediately, log in to your customer account now. The "Product configurator" tab appears at the top of the navigation.

It's that easy – configure your customised products

How does our product configurator work?

First log in to your VACOM customer account.
You do not have a customer account yet? Then register now.

The item "Product configurator" appears in the navigation after logging into your customer account
This will take you to the product configurator page.

Select a product group
Currently you can only choose from the product group Standard Components, but more product groups will follow soon. Stay up to date on extensions with our newsletter.

Select the component you want to configure
Determine flange type, pipe selection, dimensions and cleaning level. When you have specified all the values in each category, a tick will appear. As soon as all categories have been processed by you, you can request the product from us.

Finish product
As soon as all categories have been processed by you, you can request the product from us. Here you also have the option of having a data sheet created for your product immediately.

Request an offer
The product will appear in your shopping cart and you can send us a quotations as usual.

Stay up to date.

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