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The concept of the BuFaZ is based on the "life-based approach": The interests of the children are taken up and implemented in activity offers and projects. The children spend most of their time together, regardless of their age. In addition, there are age-appropriate educational and occupational phases based on our "nature and technology" pillars. Through active experiences, the children develop competencies that are in line with current technical developments.

We visit the production building at regular intervals and get to know different production areas. The children are very interested in exploring tools and materials. Particularly popular is sitting in a forklift truck and observing the driverless transport vehicles. Nature holds countless phenomena ready to be observed. The weather in its peculiarities, the growth of plants or the way animals live are just a few examples that children can experience in their everyday lives. Life-oriented educational activities, such as the regular food lessons or the maintenance of their own raised beds, not only teach the children theoretical content, but also allow them to gain experience themselves. Walking along the foot-feeling path or taking a weekly sauna during the cold season lets the children feel their own bodies and supports their immune system.

Health promotion measures:

  • Saunas
  • Water treading
  • Arm bath
  • Foot feel path
  • Tea schedule
  • Swimming lessons for preschool children
  • Yoga
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