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STEM is not a job

STEM is future.


WE live high tech. That is why we promote STEM: Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Technology. The STEM sciences are elementary foundations for creating value and shaping the future. STEM plays an important role in our everyday lives as well as in many professions. With our commitment, we want to awaken and promote the curiosity and enthusiasm of young people for STEM and promote them.

Mathematics Olympiad

Here we do the maths! Mathematics is also very important to us. VACOM is a proud supporter of the annual Mathematics Olympiad in the region. Our goal: to promote young scientists through equipment and insights.

Physics Olympiad

Physics is applied here! VACOM has been sponsoring the Physics Olympiad in Thuringia and Jena for years. A special highlight: VACOM offers the best participants to experience physics and the company's activities at first hand!

STEM Festival Jena

Experience science! We do not want to miss out. At the science festival, everything revolves around STEM sciences. VACOM gives young and old physics enthusiasts an insight into the world of the vacuum.

Curious now?

We offer you the opportunity for student internships and other interesting student jobs.