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Many developments in science enable humanity to live a modern life with decisive technologies. They are based on the latest findings in groundbreaking fields of research and the production of complex products at the limits of what is technically feasible. Some high-tech applications require vacuum to achieve specific conditions or results, such as particle accelerators, nuclear fusion, aerospace, chip technology, photonics and many more. 

To meet the demands of evolving industries, VACOM established its own research and development centre back in 2005. In addition to developing our own products - such as optical fiber feedthroughs, AluVaC®NOVION®, MERKURION®, MeTraVaC®, VACOM® Purity Classes - we often work together with partners from industry and science to find solutions for new products and technologies. Our goal is to ensure that good ideas also become real innovations that ultimately bring practical benefits and also become a commercial success.

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R&D highlight products

    MERKURION® pro | 370442
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    "3 in 1" - wide range vacuum sensor | 379025
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    on request
    Singlemode, SM1310, FC/APC Pro | 300249
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