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Better with VACOM cleanFAB®

The future needs sufficient cleaner component surfaces.
cleanFAB produces the world's cleanest component surfaces.


In addition to the manufacture of vacuum components, we have specialized for many years in the production of high-purity component surfaces. With VACOM cleanFAB®, we make these competences of professional parts cleaning available to our customers as a service.

Organic or particulate purity is essential for producers of high-end technologies. VACOM cleanFAB® is your high-end service provider in industrial critical and ultra critical cleaning. In our process chain, your components are prepared for use in the Ultra Clean Vacuum (UCV). Component surfaces are cleaned according to the highest requirements of the semiconductor, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Modern high tech processes are the groundwork for an increasingly better world.

Our ultra-clean parts cleaning processes are the basis for modern high tech processes.

We clean components for system manufacturers in solar cell production, OLED display production and EUV lithography, whose systems produce ever more efficient solar cells, more flexible displays and better computer chips.

Better, always better.

We clean components for the future makers at ITER and for quantum technology projects at PTB to make tomorrow's energy generation and computing greener and better.

Better, always better.

Ever-evolving technologies increasingly demand optimized component cleanliness. VACOM cleanFAB® produces the world's cleanest component surfaces on demand.

Better needs cleanliness!

VACOM cleanFAB® produces cleanliness!

Better with VACOM cleanFAB®!

How clean is clean enough for you? We will be happy to advise you.

Adapted to your application, we will find the right cleanliness requirements for you.

We deliver future

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