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cleanFAB – precise cleanliness

High Purity Service for your components 

Cleaning Process

Increasingly demanding high-end processes are becoming more and more intolerant of residual contamination on the component surfaces in contact with the process. Therefore, component cleanliness must be optimized beyond the unspecific industry standard "oil and grease-free" to concrete high-purity requirements. With our perfectly adjusted cleanFAB process chain, your components receive the required cleanliness precisely and verifiably.

A worldwide unique technology mix enables customized solutions via our stages of pre-cleaning, precision cleaning, critical cleaning and ultra critical cleaning.
We guarantee our cleaning results according to our own factory standards: the VACOM® Purity Classes.

Pre cleaning

After goods receipt and a quick check of the degree of contamination by means of VIDAM®-pre systems, experienced employees free your components from coarser contamination at a specially equipped pre-cleaning system. This is how the industry standard "oil and grease free" is achieved. 

Precision cleaning

In this stage, wet cleaning is carried out in the ISO class 8 clean room using a unique high-performance cleaning system. The components pass through various coordinated ultrasonic baths fully automatically in batches, whereby the parameters and cleaning liquids are precisely adapted to the processed component geometries and materials.

Critical cleaning

After wet cleaning, the next stage of the process chain takes place in ISO class 6 cleanrooms, dry cleaning. By baking the components in special vacuum ovens (vacuum bake-out), the material surfaces are freed from residues of filmic contaminants at high temperatures (e.g. 180 °C = 356 °F). The adhering molecules pass into the gas phase through the vacuum environment and are pumped out. The cleaning result is determined by means of VIDAM®-fine systems.

Ultra-critical cleaning

In the highest stage of the process chain, a high-precision cleaning process takes place, precisely adapted to the desired component cleanliness. Similar to critical [RH1] cleaning, the components are processed by temperature and evacuation in specially developed vacuum systems. During heating, the molecular components of the outgassing are simultaneously determined by means of mass spectrometry-based residual gas analysis (RGA), so that the cleanliness of the components can be generated, tested and confirmed in-situ. At the end, a detailed test report documents the results and the relation to the Purity Classes. Our scientific staff will be happy to assist you with the interpretation of the evaluation.

How clean is clean enough for you? We will be happy to advise you.

Adapted to your application, we will find the right cleanliness requirements for you.

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