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UHV/UCV systems from TREAMS – automatic, intuitive, clean, networkable

High-tech in vacuum plant engineering

Modern vacuum technology combines know-how about technologies and materials with component cleanliness. VACOM places great value on being able to manufacture products with high precision and at the same time clean them industrially to the highest specifications. Conventional wet cleaning in ultrasonic baths are standard for component cleanliness in fine cleaning quality. By supplementing the process chain with TREAMS GmbH's specially developed systems, the leap to critical and ultra-critical cleaning can be made. Vacuum furnaces remove the last impurities. By means of the residual gas analysis and cleanliness measurement systems, it is possible to control the cleanliness of the components throughout the entire process chain. The systems are suitable for applications such as research and development, semiconductor technology, coating or aerospace. The specialisation in the development and production of vacuum systems for cleanliness measurement, bake-out processes, residual gas analysis and space simulations led to the founding of the VACOM sister company TREAMS GmbH in 2017.

TREAMS is a young and innovative high-tech company specialising in vacuum plant engineering. The focus on the industrial cleaning sector is on systems and equipment such as VIDAM® - a fully automatic cleanliness measuring device for filmic contamination, ARGAT® - an automatic residual gas analysis tool, VOBOS - vacuum baking ovens for dry cleaning. The HeVACool thermal vacuum chambers are also produced for space simulation. The portfolio is complemented by a wide range of services related to vacuum technology and component cleanliness, such as consulting in the form of process chain analyses, residual gas analyses or system and pump maintenance and service.


Michael Pick
Michael Pick
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