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Vacuum Technology

From the vacuum screw to the complete vacuum chamber.

Edge Welded Bellows

Edge welded bellows are flexible connecting elements between vacuum flanges or any end pieces. The edge welded bellows is not a rigid body, but can handle a fixed working stroke.

    Main applications of edge welded bellows

    Three main applications can be identified: as a feed-through, as a compensator or as a vibration damper.

    • Feed-through: As a feed-through, diaphragm bellows serve to introduce movement into the vacuum or separate the vacuum chamber from machine components.
    • Compensator: As a compensator, the diaphragm bellows can compensate for both thermal expansion and assembly tolerances (e.g. height differences or angular misalignments).
    • Vibration damper: Diaphragm bellows are often used for vibration decoupling, for example between vacuum pump and measuring device. A special form of compensator offers improved damping by increasing the number of diaphragm pairs, but increases the risk of self-resonance.


    Advantages of edge welded bellows:

    • Great flexibility 
    • Smallest installation dimension
    • For highest demands in UHV
    • Lower spring forces
    • Variable web width (OD-ID)
    • Almost unlimited bellows length
    • Non-round shapes can be produced (Racetrack, rectangular)

    Service and repairs of edge welded bellows

    In addition to the manufacture of special diaphragm bellows, we also offer you the possibility of manufacturing replacement diaphragm bellows or repairing damaged bellows. This includes, for example, bellows feedthroughs of valve actuators, coupling elements or manipulators.

    For the preparation of a quotation, a drawing or sketch as accurate as possible (if possible a photo) is necessary. You can also send us a sample or the defective bellows directly for the preparation of a cost estimate. In this case, please contact us before dispatch so that we can start work immediately upon receipt of the goods.

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