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Vacuum Technology

Products of simple screws to the complex chamber.

Information About Our Products

As a supplier of vacuum technology for applications from rough vacuum to extreme ultra high vacuum, VACOM offers a wide range of products. In addition to standard components, we are your specialist for customised special components of the highest precision and quality. We supply you with components and parts perfectly cleaned by our VACOM cleanFAB® for immediate use in cleanroom compatible environments. Products with AluVaC® technology are convincing due to the light and low-outgassing aluminium.

Vacuum Products Powered By AluVaC® Technology

With AluVaC® technology, VACOM produces high-quality, durable and bakeable aluminium components with CF cutting edges. Rely on the advantages of aluminium. The components are light, extremely low in outgassing and have a low magnetic permeability. Tests have proven the long-term stability of the cutting edges. You will find components and parts made of AluVaC® in a wide variety of product groups.

Many standard components made of aluminium

Aluminium optical components with CF cutting edge (AluVaC®- Optics)

Welded and milled components made of aluminium as special components

Vacuum chambers manufactured entirely from 100% aluminium

Our Product Groups

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