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Vacuum Technology

From the vacuum screw to the complete vacuum chamber.

Vacuum Valves

Vacuum valves are indispensable shut-off elements for every vacuum system. They are used in the vacuum lines or directly on the vacuum chamber.
VACOM offers a wide range of vacuum valves for many applications in rough, fine, high and ultra-high vacuum. In the following, we give you an overview of the vacuum valves we can supply and their areas of application.

Ball valves are particularly suitable for the rough vacuum range. Under certain operating conditions, they can also be used in the fine vacuum range.
VACOM offers 2-way and 3-way ball valves made of brass or stainless steel. 2-way ball valves have a ball which is axially bored in the direction of flow and can be rotated through 90° so that the passage can be opened and closed. The valve is operated by a handle, which also serves as a position indicator. Pneumatic or electric actuators are optionally available. 3-way ball valves have 3 line connections and the ball has either an L-bore or a T-bore. Depending on the position, different connections can be interconnected.

VACOM angle and inline valves are available in all common nominal widths and in numerous designs. They are a proven shut-off element for vacuum systems with a generally good price-performance ratio. They are mainly used in the high vacuum range and are suitable for both industrial and research and development applications. Special attention was paid to the requirements of vacuum technology in the selection of materials and design. Depending on the version, KF, ISO-K, QCF or CF connections are available. For the housing material, a choice can be made between aluminium or stainless steel, depending on the valve type. The drive principles differ between manual, pneumatic or electromagnetic. The standard sealing material is the all-round elastomer FPM. For UHV applications, there are also angle valves with metal seals. The valve actuator is bellows-sealed, with bellows or membrane bellows installed. All these features result in relatively low leakage rates, which speaks for long-lasting tightness. There are other numerous designs: additional control options for integration into automation systems or alternative seal types for special applications as well as optional accessories. For detailed descriptions, please contact us. We will be glad to help you select the optimum vacuum valve for your needs.

Gate valves are suitable for high and ultra-high vacuum applications. Similar to the angle and inline valves, these valve types are available in various designs. Depending on the area of application, there are valves in high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum versions. With FPM seals are used on the housing and valve seat for the high-vacuum versions. In the UHV versions, the housing is metal-sealed. The actuator is manual or pneumatic, while the valve actuator (slide-feedthroughs) is usually sealed with a bellows. Other variants, e.g. with control valves and position indicators for automation or special modifications with a viewport or additional gas port, can be offered. Advantages over all other valve types are their short installation length and a maximum conductance due to their large opening. They are therefore primarily used to shut off sluice or pump systems.

In addition to the vacuum valves mentioned above, we also offer a wide range of special valves, e.g.:

  • Venting valves with manual or electromagnetic actuator
  • Auto-mechanical overpressure valves for the rough and fine vacuum range to protect vacuum systems
  • Gas dosing valves and shut-off valves with manual and/or electric actuators. Depending on the design, these are suitable for use in high vacuum up to UHV. Our UHV all-metal gas metering valves meet the highest demands for reproducibility and precision.
  • Soft-start and soft-vent valves are especially designed for use in automated systems. Due to a 2-stage switching, they prevent turbulence and ensure controlled evacuation or venting of the vacuum systems of the vacuum systems
  • Special gate valves, such as three-position gate valves or rectangular gate valves are available on request

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