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Vacuum Technology

From the vacuum screw to the complete vacuum chamber.

Mechanical Transfer Components

Our mechanical rotary unions use magnetic attraction to transmit rotary motion into a vacuum environment. A shaft with permanent magnets is rotatably mounted in the completely hermetically sealed housing on the vacuum side. On the atmosphere side, there is a rotating handle with permanent magnets with opposite poles. The arrangement of the magnets enables you to achieve optimum force coupling and thus precise transmission of a rotary movement from the atmosphere side into the vacuum.

Precise and clean movement up to XHV

  • Hermetically sealed rotary unions without dynamic sealing
  • Suitable for use up to UHV / XHV
  • Transmittable torque up to 2.5 Nm

Basic, Pro or Extended - Suitable for your application at any time
The right rotating union for you depends on your process conditions. Depending on the pressure range, the required process cleanliness, the power transmission you require and the features you need, you can choose between

  • MeTraVaC® Basic,
  • MeTraVaC® Pro and
  • MeTraVaC® Extended

Samples of products

    Rotating Union - pro | 367139
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    Rotating Union - pro | 369108
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    Rotating Union - hollow axle | 369172
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