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Multifunction Vacuum Gauge NOVION®

In practical use in science

The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology (FEP) in Dresden was a field test partner of VACOM in 2019, one of the first to test the multifunctional NOVION.

Among other things, the FEP is involved in vacuum-based coating using roll-to-roll technology. In this process, flexible flat materials such as films or textiles are coated and modified. In order to control the processes, permanent monitoring of the vacuum is required by measuring the total and partial pressure. VACOM's NOVION®, which was awarded the Thuringian Innovation Prize in 2020, is used for this purpose. This made it possible for the first time to record transient change processes and, based on this, to establish a fast process control and regulation. The device was connected to a rectangular roll-to-roll laboratory coating line. In it, substrates are pretreated, coated and modified according to customer or project requirements. Various coating processes such as magnetron sputtering or PECVD processes are available for this purpose. These processes are used to deposit conductive, transparent layers, metallize plastic films, provide sensitive substrates with protective winding layers and much more. In addition, inline monitoring makes it possible to monitor the layer properties. The NOVION also plays a role in this.

"With the help of the NOVION sensor, we were able to develop a deeper understanding of the behavior of our substrates in a vacuum for the first time. Many polymer films and other substrates outgas both water and other compounds in vacuum, which in turn have an impact on our plasma processes. With the NOVION's integrated mass spectrometer, we were able to observe this time-varying behavior directly in the process for the first time. And this without having to install additional and expensive components. The ability to operate the sensor directly on the process chamber also allowed us to investigate the gas composition in our processes in more detail." (M.Eng. Stefan Hinze, FEP)

Visit the FEP-website.

The multifunction vacuum gauge NOVION allows simultaneously the dedicated mass spectrometry, internal and external leak detection as well as total pressure measurement over the entire working range from 5E-3mbar to 1E-11mbar. This allows monitoring and control of vacuum, process gases as well as desired reaction products in industrial coating processes. This is made possible for the first time by the 300ms fast measurement from 1 to 300 amu. In addition, the intuitive operation allows fast system integration. Automated calibration also enables fast and regular quality control of sensor stability and performance, even in industrially demanding processes.

    NOVION offers further advantages in measurement technology:

    • Wide range pressure measurement from ATM to UHV
    • Gas analysis at high pressures up to 5 - 10-3mbar
    • Detection of atmospheric components (i.e. partial pressures of H2, H2O, N2, O2, CO2, etc.)
    • High sampling rates up to 300ms for a complete mass spectrum from 1 to 300 amu
    • Interference-free hydrogen detection (no zero blast effect)
    • Easy and intuitive operation via the comprehensive NOVION® Viewer software (included)


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