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Your products can do more. Components gain in quality through an optimised surface. We clean your components and assemblies to the highest specifications. By assembling them under cleanroom conditions, we protect your products from new contamination. Your products are double- or triple-packaged for cleanroom use and arrive in perfect condition.


Assembly of subassemblies

Your components and assemblies with high demands on particle freedom are assembled by experienced employees according to your specifications. We can also disassemble delivered assemblies. For the assembly work, we have clean rooms and workplaces of cleanliness class ISO 7 to ISO 1 at our disposal. Your assemblies weighing up to 250 kg (551.26 lb) can be assembled under ISO 7 to ISO 5 and up to 25 kg (55.12 lb) to ISO 1. Regular, documented particle measurements guarantee the cleanroom quality.

Bake out chambers with residual gas spectra

Do you want to heat and characterise your vacuum chamber to reduce outgassing? In addition to components, we also heat complete vacuum chambers up to 250 °C (482 °F) under vacuum. The chambers can be up to 900 mm (45.43 in) in diameter and 1.400 mm (55.12 in) high. Simultaneously with the bake-out, we determine the outgassing behaviour by means of mass spectroscopy as a residual gas spectrum. The process is documented up to 200 amu (2.61 · 10-26 Quarter) as standard. If required, the residual gas spectrum can be offered as a protocol.


Your components can gain in quality through surface finishing. The surfaces of your stainless steel components are refined in the clean room. In addition to deburring, smoothing and polishing, absolutely clean, passivated metal surfaces are achieved. Sealing surfaces are protected, low-H2 and corrosion-resistant surfaces with minimised micro-roughness are created and particles are reduced. The surfaces show low surface desorption after electropolishing.


Our VIDAM® cleanliness measuring device integrally detects filmic contamination on component surfaces with vacuum-induced desorption. Components and groups of any geometry are tested non-destructively and fully automatically. Surface contaminations are identified and assigned to their causes. The absolute, quantitative measured values enable the definition of appropriate limit values for your production and cleaning process. Sufficient component cleanliness for subsequent processes is reproducible.

Ozone cleaning

Do you need to remove hydrocarbons from longer pipes or components with complicated geometries? For physical reasons, the gaseous hydrocarbons cannot leave a long pipe and remain in it. This is where so called ozone cleaning, flushing with ozone, comes in handy. We use an ozone generator to clean, among other things, pipe assemblies for ultra-pure gas technology or complicated components. The assemblies are sealed and filled with high purity nitrogen.

Cleanroom packaging

Protect your products from contamination with particles, water and hydrocarbons. At VACOM, the cleanliness achieved in the cleaning process is maintained. We pack your components - depending on the required particle specification - in the clean room. The packaging materials are low in outgassing and particles. Double packaging in moisture-impermeable and cleanroom-suitable PE film is common. We also offer triple packaging for your products. Storage without loss of purity quality more than 1 year is guaranteed. Other packaging techniques (e.g. with protective gas) are possible.

Ultrasound cleaning

Do you need clean components made of stainless steel, aluminium, copper, ceramics or glass? We clean your components in the clean room according to ISO 7 and better. Manual or automatic wet cleaning is used. We use biodegradable cleaners that have been tested for specific materials at various ultrasonic frequencies. Automatic process documentation is possible. We will be happy to advise you on how to achieve an optimal cleaning result.

Bake out in the vacuum oven

Our bake-out processes under a vacuum of 10-5 mbar (1.5 ⋅ 10-5 Torr) minimise the outgassing rates of your components. It can be baked out up to a temperature of 300 °C (572 °F). A time- and temperature-controlled bakeout programme specifically loosens and removes fine surface impurities. The outgassing values are reduced from stainless steel to 2 ⋅ 10-10 mbarls-1⋅cm-2 for water, to 2 ⋅ 10-12 mbarls-1⋅cm-2 for volatile organic compounds and to compounds and to 1.5 ⋅ 10-13 mbarls-1⋅cm-2 for low-volatile volatile organic compounds.

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