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Consulting & Training

More than a service relationship – Process support from A to Z: from joint product development to training in the use of our products. Benefit by our 30 years of expertise in the vacuum technology market. We are an expert dealer, reliable service provider and inventive innovation driver, in short: your constant process companion for all topics related to vacuum components and measurement technology. 

Measure component cleanliness, optimize production

The production of components is usually accompanied by contamination of the surfaces: residues of lubricants, coolants, adhesives, fingerprints, etc. Subsequent processes in production can be considerably disturbed by these contaminations. Even when cleaning steps have been carried out, surface cleanliness is sometimes unclear. In the end, the overall quality result of your products is negatively affected to an unknown extent, in the worst case even customer specifications are not met. VACOM supports you in optimizing your processes and results by specifically examining impurities on selected components from your production chain. By mass spectrometric analysis under vacuum conditions, filmic contaminations are detected surface-specifically - quantitatively and qualitatively. Our well-known cleanliness measuring device (VIDAM®) was developed especially for this purpose. This allows precise, fully automatic and non-destructive measurements to be carried out in order to systematically compare individual process step results. Based on the measurement data, substances are then identified and causes as well as recommendations for your processes are derived. Increase quality, make your results reproducible and strengthen your statement to customers/partners regarding technical cleanliness. Our analysis service is adapted to your needs. We will be happy to present our basic and pro packages to you in a consultation meeting.

Process and residual gas analysis on site

Leakages at a vacuum system and unwanted contaminations inside disturb vacuum-supported processes up to the point of not reaching the necessary process pressure. Beyond the measurement of the total pressure, the composition and intensity of the residual gas contributions in the running process can provide important information here. On this basis, statements can be made about the condition of the plant and the process quality. We come to your site with special measuring equipment and support you in troubleshooting and optimization. After installation at your plant, we record the realistic gas parameters under process conditions in order to go into the deeper process analysis with sufficient data. Of course, you will receive a detailed protocol with all measurement results together with the evaluation of the measurements. In addition, we can provide recommendations for vacuum optimization and advice on measures to eliminate interfering factors. We will be happy to share our experience in the field of vacuum technology and component cleanliness with you and provide tips on practical component handling for your application. We hereby offer you the basis for a permanent reproducibility of desired results, from which subsequent processes will benefit.


Leak detection on site

Are your vacuum processes disturbed by pressure increases, longer vacuum system uptimes or unwanted gas contributions? The reason could be leaks in the vacuum system. Take advantage of our expertise in leak testing up to ultra high vacuum. Our staff will detect and localize gas, liquid and virtual leaks at your site using helium leak testers or mass spectrometers. On request, we can provide you with advice on how to prevent leaks in the long term. Criteria here can be the component/material selection, the design or process sequences. 

Product development and project management

Your suitable product is within reach. Together with you, we develop the individual product, from the idea to the quality product. We use our decades of experience in high tech production. We manufacture with the most modern welding processes and use products from our AluVaC® series or special stainless steels. Together we implement projects for the development of new products or the adaptation of techniques and technologies for your vacuum applications. We organise processes, documentation and technological details.

Our drive for your goals: Research and development

Are you looking for a competent partner to realize your vacuum technology ideas? Do you need meaningful investigations of your products in use under vacuum conditions? Are you facing problems in vacuum physics or would you like to understand and optimize your vacuum processes? VACOM has been "at home" in vacuum for 30 years. You can rely on our research and development competence, driven by many years of experience in cooperation with industry and science. You will benefit by the innovative power of various teams of experts who will work with you to bring projects and plans to fruition. Through the development and manufacture of our own vacuum products, we are very familiar with vacuum-suitable materials as well as metrological, mechanical, optical and electrical challenges. Our specialists develop individual technical solutions and manufacture them in small quantities on request. We design for you according to your specifications from the sketch to the finished product. Close-to-standard solutions are possible quickly and easily thanks to immediate access to a large variety of vacuum components in stock. Get in touch with our contact persons or be inspired by our selection of references. Together we are shaping the future.


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