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From rough vacuum to extreme ultrahigh vacuum

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Pressure Ranges

The lower the pressure, the higher the challenge. Vacuum technology is an essential component of numerous areas of industry and research, such as particle physics, coating, semiconductor industry and many more. The various processes require pressures and partial densities that are lower than atmospheric pressure. The realised residual pressure can range from low vacuum to extremely high vacuum and covers a range of more than 14 orders of magnitude. Regardless of the pressure range you are working in, it is crucial to create the optimum machining conditions with the correct components. VACOM is your contact for every pressure range up to extreme high vacuum. Benefit from our extensive range of products from a single source - from standard stainless steel and aluminium components, electrical and optical feedthroughs, vented screws, ion getter pumps, mechanical transfer components to our revolutionary multifunction vacuum gauge. Our research and development department is working on innovations in vacuum technology to help you advance in your field of application.

You are undecided which is the right product for you? Trust in the knowledge and experience of our experts. They will advise you on products suitable for your pressure range and on the right way to handle extremely low pressures. Here, for example, component cleanliness plays a decisive role, which we demonstrably guarantee with our VACOM® Purity Classes and VACOM® Vacuum Classes.

 Rough VacuumFine VacuumHigh Vacuum (HV)Ultra High Vacuum (UHV)Extreme High Vacuum (XHV)
Absolute pressure in mbar300 ... 11 ... 10-310-3 ... 10-710-7 ... 10-11< 10-11
Absolute pressure in Torr225.02 ... 0.750.75 ... 7.5 · 10-47.5 · 10-4 ... 7.5 · 10-87.5 · 10-8 ... 7.5 · 10-12< 7.5 · 10-12

Rough vacuum

Achieve rough vacuum pressure ranges from 300 mbar to 1 mbar with VACOM. Convince yourself of our variety of products and find products for your area of application in our web shop.

Fine vacuum

Do you work in the fine vacuum range from 1 mbar to 10-3 mbar? VACOM supports your process with a large number of immediately available components.

High vacuum

Achieve pressure ranges between 10-3 mbar to 10-7 mbar with VACOM. Build on low-outgassing materials and various sealing technologies for your application.

Ultra high vacuum

It requires high tech components to work in UHV and to maintain it efficiently. Create UHV conditions between 10-7mbar to 10-11 mbar with VACOM.

Extreme high vacuum

Get close to nothing with VACOM and achieve pressure ranges below 10-11 mbar. We support you in process optimization and advise you on low-outgassing materials and metals.

Highlight products for different pressure ranges

    "3 in 1" - wide range vacuum sensor | 379025
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    Singlemode, SM1310, FC/APC Pro | 300171
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    MERKURION® basic with heater | 369944
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