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Ultra High Vacuum

The choice of materials and pumps, along with component cleanliness, are decisive factors in how you reach the pressure range of the ultra high vacuum more efficiently and quickly. Find all products for your ultra high vacuum applications at VACOM: from completely metal-sealed CF systems to our multifunctional vacuum gauge and powerful ion getter pumps. When developing and manufacturing the components, our experts aim to optimise your entire process. This starts with the in-situ baking of the materials, which reduces the desorption rate of water, volatile hydrocarbons and low-volatile organic compounds. Material treatment in combination with our gas-tight all-metal compounds significantly reduces your start-up times. You can achieve UHV conditions even easier and faster with our AluVaC® technology. With our all-aluminium components, you can achieve UHV at bakeout temperatures as low as 120°C (248°F), thus saving energy costs. Benefit from the longevity of our MERKURION® ion getter pumps, which increases with lower pressure. Redesign the way you measure and check your vacuum conditions with our wide-range NOVION® vacuum gauge. This combines mass spectrometry, helium detection and pressure measurement for you in one compact and easy-to-use instrument. In addition to the appropriate choice of material and product, component cleanliness plays an essential role for the low pressure ranges. On request, our components are cleaned according to the highest requirements of the semiconductor, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition to our numerous standard components, we are your contact for near-standard components and special components. We design, manufacture and clean products for you exactly according to your requirements.

Ultra high vacuum highlight products

    "3 in 1" - wide range vacuum sensor | 379025
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    CF Cubes | 342196
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    Singlemode, SM1310, FC/APC Pro | 300171
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