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Extreme High Vacuum

To achieve conditions in XHV, material selection, pump selection and component cleanliness massively influence your results. As a result, our experts search for and develop solutions for you to make your processes easier and even more efficient. For this reason, we offer you our metal-sealed CF vacuum components made entirely of aluminium in addition to the commercially available stainless steel. With our AluVaC® aluminium vacuum components, you save energy costs and achieve XHV conditions at bakeout temperatures as low as 120°C (248°F). At the same time, you benefit from faster blowdown times. You also benefit from faster pump-down times due to the naturally low outgassing of aluminium. To achieve and maintain an extreme ultra high vacuum, the right pump is crucial. We offer you the cleanest and most cost-effective process with our MERKURION® series ion getter pumps. Do you want to bring movement into the vacuum? We guarantee precise movement with our MeTraVaC®- series rotary unions, which are suitable for use up to XHV. Integrate our components cleaned according to VACOM® Purity Classes into your systems and convince yourself of the ideal properties of our products for the XHV.

In addition to our extensive range of standard components, we are also your contact for near-standard components or special components. Benefit from the know-how and many years of experience of our experts, who will implement your ideas for your vacuum applications precisely and according to your requirements.

Extreme high vacuum highlight products

    MERKURION® pro | 370442
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    "3 in 1" - wide range vacuum sensor | 379025
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    CF Standard Cylinder Chambers | 357962
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