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Jupiter Mission

The European Space Agency ESA is planning to launch the Jupiter lcy Moons Explorer (JUICE) mission in april of 2022. It is scheduled to reach the giant planet and its satellites seven years later. The Earth-Jupiter distance is between 588 and 968 million kilometers. VACOM supplied special flanges with special high-voltage feedtroughs for the JUICE subproject "Ganymede Laser Altimeter" (GALA).

"Developed on behalf of HENSOLDT" (Georg Luichtel, Head of the HICS product line)
The product was developed in close cooperation with HENSOLDT Optronics GmbH Oberkochen and manufactured according to their specification. The optically unspectacular-looking, but in detail very challenging feed-through flange will be used at the central point of the "Ganymede Laser Altimeter" (GALA) instrument. The instrument will measure the surface profile of selected Jupiter moons, but especially Ganymede, for scientific purposes. The main challenges for VACOM were special material requirements including material certification, weld qualification to achieve extreme mechanical robustness (e.g. thermal-cycling tests, vibration tests), single-batch sourcing & manufacturing and extreme component cleanliness including cleanliness verification.

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