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Vacuum Measurements

Tests about the performance of your vacuum system.

Special Vacuum Service

Do you rely on a stable vacuum for your processes? VACOM offers you services that give you measurable security. We check the performance of your ion getter pumps or the tightness of your vacuum system. With leak tests and particle measurements, we determine the quality of your vacuum components. With outgassing measurements, we identify the outgassing rates of your materials used. VACOM offers you the following vacuum-specific measurements:


Particle measurements

Do you need support to manufacture your materials, components or assemblies with low particle counts and to determine cleanroom suitability? We recommend our residual particle determination, surface, flow-through or blow-off measurements. We use ultra-pure air and ultra-pure nitrogen. Measurements with ionised nitrogen for an additional cleaning effect can also be carried out.

Leak tests for vacuum

Leaks in vacuum systems allow air from the atmosphere to enter the system. Depending on the degree of leakage, this leads to disruption of the application due to the pressure increases and impurities. To ensure optimum process stability and quality for your application, we offer expertly conducted helium leak tests. Regardless of design and assembly, all potential weak points in the design are tested locally as well. Leak rates under pressure of 1 ⋅ 10-9 mbar⋅l⋅s-1, 1⋅10-10 mbar⋅l⋅s-1 or 5 ⋅ 10-11 mbar⋅l⋅s-1 are determined and documented. A leak test protocol is part of the service order. The testing of the vacuum tightness of cleanroom cleaned components is carried out in the cleanroom. Depending on the specifications of the components, a test station for cleanroom classes ISO 7 and ISO 5 is available for this purpose. Following the leak test, we pack your components in a cleanroom-compatible manner.

In-house leak test

Take advantage of our expertise in leak tests up to ultra high vacuum, which we carry out in-house.Using helium leak testers or mass spectrometers, we examine components and assemblies for gas, liquid and virtual leaks and can locate them precisely. On request, we can provide you with advice on the sustainable prevention of leaks. Criteria here can be the component/material selection, the design or process sequences. 

Qualitative and quantitative outgassing measurement on materials and assemblies

In terms of efficiency and quality, vacuum processes are heavily dependent on contamination and outgassing behavior on vacuum component surfaces. We make the cleanliness of vacuum components and vacuum chambers measurable and thus provide the basis for evaluation. VACOM performs qualified outgassing measurements of your components and assemblies. With the help of our qualitative and quantitative residual gas analysis (RGA), we detect even the smallest contaminations, for example of low-volatile and low-volatile organic compounds. Our detection limit is 3 ng/cm3. To put this into perspective, this would correspond to about 3 drops of oil that we can detect on a soccer field. On request, we can evaluate the documentation of the results for you to optimize your processes.


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