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VACOM is your contact for vacuum components and measurement technology. We develop, manufacture and clean for you in order to provide you with the best solutions worldwide. For this purpose, our experts from Germany, Belgium and the USA are at your disposal. 

Innovation driver vacuum technology

We supply future - for you and your project. Benefit by the know-how and experience of our uniquely large research and development in the company. Realise unique topics and projects with our experts. We are constantly working on the further development of vacuum products to meet your requirements in the vacuum industry. To this end, we have already made component cleanliness measurable, developed cleaning processes and standards for vacuum and cleanliness classes, and helped shape the guidelines of the Trade Association Industrial Parts Cleaning e.V. (FiT) for filmic contaminants. With our multifunctional NOVION® vacuum gauge, we are revolutionising vacuum measurement technology. The winner of the Innovation Award Thuringia 2020 enables mass spectrometry, helium detection as well as pressure measurement. Follow along in the video to see what makes us tick.

Value chain with sustainability

Your satisfaction is our goal. For this reason, we focus on Quality, Logistics, Technology and Costs (QLTC) in our value chain. VACOM offers you quality, service and high-end technology to achieve your success. We combine manufacturing processes with component cleaning of the highest quality to guarantee stable processes for you and your application. You can rely on quality tests and measurements as well as cleaned components according to factory standards. With the use of Industry 4.0, we bring modernity and automation to a new level. Our Research and Development is constantly working to further develop and optimise technologies. In addition, we see our responsibility in preserving the environment and nature. With the use of environmental technologies, such as solar and ventilation systems, we pursue the goal of sustainable production. Here you can see the daily power generation of our photovoltaic system. For the use of environmentally friendly processes, we have been awarded as a permanent member of the Sustainability Agreement Thuringia (NAT) and with environmental certificates.

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Andreas Grasser
Andreas Grasser
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