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Vacuum components and processes support the development and realisation of probes, measuring instruments or systems for the aerospace industry. We meet customized wishes for design and material with regard to temperature differences and outgassing rates for use in the lowest pressures. We supply miniaturised components and designs. They are compact, radiation-resistant and, in aluminium construction, very light and hardly magnetisable. In addition to the alloy of the AluVaC® series, VACOM's own low-cobalt stainless steel 1.4429-ESU (316LN-ESR) with lowest magnetic permeability is used.

For our guaranteed precision, we document the dimensional accuracy and ensure the required quality with process-accompanying verifications. Residual gas analyses, leak tests and quality checks ensure the required cleanliness and reliability of all components.

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Aerospace highlight products

    Sub-D basic | 346311
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    "3 in 1" - wide range vacuum sensor | 379025
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    CF Standard Cylinder Chambers | 357969
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