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Vacuum technology for a better life and health.

Life Sciences & Medical

Life sciences, medical diagnostics and molecular biomedicine are increasingly contributing to improving the quality of life and maintaining the health of mankind. The technologies behind the applications are following the trend towards the use of qualitative process vacuums. The analytical technology and vacuum systems used require high-precision products with the utmost cleanliness. 

Due to the specific requirements of vacuum technology, the know-how of the scientists and specialists at VACOM is in demand. We support areas such as biotechnology, process engineering or medical accelerators and imaging procedures with components that are used in research and development, plant engineering and production. With AluVaC® technology, lightweight, low-outgassing components are available. The NOVION® multifunctional vacuum gauage enables permanent process monitoring for precise control in real time.


Our highlight products

    "3 in 1" - wide range vacuum sensor | 379025
    on request
    KF 4-Way cross | 303240
    in production
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