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Together with you, we develop the best possible solutions to realise your project. 

Special components

Together with you, we develop the best possible solution to realize your project. We support you with our customized special components and assemblies. We offer you the greatest possible flexibility within any product line - from individual vacuum chambers, sight glasses and special flanges to customized electrical and mechanical feedthroughs. All special components are customised exactly to the customer's needs. Our vacuum experts are always in contact with you to review your requirements, design and provide technical advice.

Unique components are our specialty

Demanding vacuum technology applications require highly specialised parts and components. We realise components up to complex vacuum chambers according to your specifications. They are designed for use up to extreme high vacuum. Our experts are at your disposal for design and implementation. With their experience from many customer projects, they plan and manufacture your specific solutions. Our state-of-the-art production centre and our separate component cleaning facility VACOM cleanFAB® are available for your order. Benefit by the complete production process from a single source: from machining, welding, surface treatment and quality inspection to ultra-fine cleaning as well as packaging suitable for cleanrooms.


Reliable precision across all dimensions: mechanical manufacturing at its best

We use 3- and 5-axis precision milling centres. This allows us to machine chambers and special components up to dimensions of 2600 x 1100 x 900 mm3 (102,362 x 43,307 x 35,433 in). We can produce turned parts up to 550 mm (21,653 in) in diameter. In mechanical production, adaptive milling takes into account the real geometry of moulded components. Our CNC-controlled milling machines can produce any component from a full moulded part to a cube. The position of outlets and ports among each other as well as the precise positioning of focal points and beam guides can be realised within the tightest tolerances. Our quality assurance guarantee continuous monitoring of dimensional accuracy and tolerances. Finally, we check complex geometries with 3D coordinate measuring technology and the surface quality with tactile measuring methods to guarantee the specifications of your order. You receive a customised special part from us, fully compatible with other vacuum components. Our designs comply with the typical industry flange standards of KF, CF, QCF and ISO standards: DIN 28403, DIN 28404, ISO 3669-2.


Leading the goal with optimized materials and surfaces

Choose the right material for your application. We have experience in welding stainless steels and aluminium of various qualities. For processing your special components, we use stainless steels with optimal vacuum properties. When manufacturing our vacuum chambers from aluminium (AluVaC®), the welding seams are executed to the usual high quality in special processes by certified experts. VACOM-own stainless steel 1.4429-ESU (316LN ESR) is specially produced for demanding vacuum applications. This is particularly pure and homogeneous. It has high hardness and low permeability. For your component requirements, we use various welding processes depending on the welding geometries and component thicknesses. These include TIG, orbital, laser and microplasma welding. This enables us to manufacture very fine to solid components according to specifications. For surface treatment, we use specified processes with defined results. We offer mechanically and chemically untreated surfaces, mechanical polishing, pickling, glass bead blasting and electropolishing. Do you have any questions about alternative surface treatment processes? We will be happy to discuss these with you.

Our success stories

Radiation Experiments

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research near Geneva, operates as the world's largest research centre in the field of particle physics. Its centrepiece is the 27-kilometre-long accelerator, the Large Electron-Positron Collider ...

Jupiter Mission

The European Space Agency ESA is planning to launch the Jupiter lcy Moons Explorer (JUICE) mission in April 2023. It is scheduled to reach the giant planet and its satellites in 2031. The Earth-Jupiter distance is between 588 and 968 million kilometers ...

1 Meter High AluVaC® Chamber for LIST

Analytical technology is closely linked to nanoscale research. Spectroscopy and high-resolution microscopy are used. The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a mission-oriented research and technology organization that develops prototypes for public and private sector users ...

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VACOM can point to a whole series of successfully implemented projects. They document the company's know-how and performance, creativity and experience in vacuum technology ...

Neutron Research

Understanding the cosmos and its smallest particles is a dream of mankind. Knowledge of the interrelationships is one approach …

Residual Gas Analysis

The world's largest nuclear fusion research facility of the stellerator type is located in Greifswald. Here, very strong magnetic fields and extreme temperatures are used to research the modeling of solar conditions for possible energy generation through nuclear fusion ...

VACOM® Purity Classes

Cleanliness for the highest demands: ZEISS, the world's leading technology company in the optical and optoelectronic industry, has been one of VACOM's satisfied customers since 2012 ...

Neutron Detection

Specially sealed vacuum components used for signal transfer. The Technical University of Munich is one of the first three universities of excellence in Germany. It has 15 faculties, integrative Research Centers perform cutting-edge interdisciplinary research ...

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