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VACOM offers a wide portfolio of stocked standard components, modifiable components and customised solutions.

Components according to your needs

Are you missing the right component for your application? Whether standard components from our extensive stock range, special components based on your requirements or near-standard components - We have the right solution. All components meet guaranteed quality standards thanks to specially defined and market-proven VACOM® Purity Classes and VACOM® Vacuum Classes.

Special components

Together with you, we develop the best possible solution to realise your project. We support you with our customised special components and assemblies. We offer you the greatest possible flexibility within any product line - from individual vacuum chambers, sight glasses and special flanges to customised electrical and mechanical feedthroughs. All special components are tailored exactly to the customer's needs. Our vacuum experts are always in contact with you to check your requirements, design and provide technical advice. are always in contact with you.

Components near standard

You need a component with configured parameters to complete your project? complete? We adapt standard components individually to your application. Benefit from modularly assembled standard components or components with different with different parameters. Together with you we configure the nominal width or number of feedthroughs, for example. We guarantee a high a high degree of flexibility thanks to our stock of basic components. You can rely on a quick calculation, quotation and delivery of your standard components. delivery of your components.

Standard components

Find the right component quickly and easily. We offer you a broad portfolio of standard components from various product lines and for every sealing mechanism (KF, ISO, CF, QCF) - standardised, in stock and according to the latest standards. Products from dynamic and static vacuum mechanics, vacuum optics and vacuum measurement technology are available to you. You can also benefit from our electrical feedthroughs, vacuum-compatible screws, AluVaC® components and diaphragm bellows. STEP-File models are available for each of our standard components. We guarantee a fast processing of your order.

Our highlight products

    MERKURION® pro | 370442
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    "3 in 1" - wide range vacuum sensor | 379025
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    on request
    Quick-CF-Clamp VaCFix® | 337415
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Success storys

Radiation Experiments

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research near Geneva, operates as the world's largest research centre in the field of particle physics. Its centrepiece is the 27-kilometre-long accelerator, the Large Electron-Positron Collider ...

Jupiter Mission

The European Space Agency ESA is planning to launch the Jupiter lcy Moons Explorer (JUICE) mission in April 2023. It is scheduled to reach the giant planet and its satellites in 2031. The Earth-Jupiter distance is between 588 and 968 million kilometers ...

1 Meter High AluVaC® Chamber for LIST

Analytical technology is closely linked to nanoscale research. Spectroscopy and high-resolution microscopy are used. The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a mission-oriented research and technology organization that develops prototypes for public and private sector users ...

ion clock opticlock

VACOM can point to a whole series of successfully implemented projects. They document the company's know-how and performance, creativity and experience in vacuum technology ...

Residual Gas Analysis

The world's largest nuclear fusion research facility of the stellerator type is located in Greifswald. Here, very strong magnetic fields and extreme temperatures are used to research the modeling of solar conditions for possible energy generation through nuclear fusion ...

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