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You can obtain precisely cleaned standard components from us.

Standard components

Find the right component quickly and easily. We offer you a wide portfolio of standard components from various product lines and for every vacuum-compatible connection (KF, ISO, CF, QCF) - standardised, in stock and according to the latest standards. Take advantage of our products from vacuum mechanics, vacuum optics, vacuum measurement technology, electrical or optical feedthroughs, vacuum-compatible screws, AluVaC® components and diaphragm bellows as well as ion getter pumps. We guarantee a fast processing of your order.

Precise and quick solutions waiting for their use

Choose from over 3,000 standard components in stock for the immediate realisation of your project. Purchase electrical feedthroughs such as multipin feedthroughs, high-voltage and power feedthroughs or thermocouple feedthroughs. Benefit from ion getter pumps of the new MERKURION® series with matching accessories. Find suitable devices from vacuum measurement technology such as NOVION® as well as products and applications from the category of sight glasses. A wide selection of standard components such as CF and ISO components as well as angle valves and ball valves from the vacuum valve group are available to you. We offer optical fiber feedthroughs as singlemode and multimode variants. If required, our standard components are also available in various cleaning specifications to ensure your process stability with the appropriate component cleanliness.

The right material for your process

For your demanding vacuum applications, VACOM relies on specially manufactured, forged corrosion-resistant stainless steel 1.4429-ESU (316LN ESR). This material, manufactured using the electroslag remelting process (ESU/ESR), is characterised by particular purity and homogeneity, great hardness and very low magnetic permeability. In addition to stainless steels, we process a range of other vacuum-suitable materials: aluminium, copper, titanium, tantalum, ceramics, nickel-based alloys, glasses and crystals. Find the right material for your application - we will be happy to advise you.

VACOM standard components - available and ready for immediate delivery

Due to the stock availability, you will receive your standard components quickly and reliably. If you order via our webshop before 12:00 noon, your goods will be dispatched on the same working day. We also offer technical data, dimensional drawings as well as photos of our components for better planning of your project.

Are you looking for suitable products?

We will be happy to advise you on the variety of our standard components and their possible applications.

Our highlight products

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