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With VACOM to the quantum leap

High-purity vacuum for quantum technology.

Quantum Technology

Sciences and industries are on the path of quantum physics - so are we. New technologies such as quantum computing, quantum sensors and quantum communication are ushering in the second quantum revolution. VACOM supports this forward-looking branch of physics, be it basic research in the laboratory or projects for industrial practice (e.g. opticlock ion clock). With our precisely manufactured and precisely cleaned vacuum technology products, you can realise the necessary vacuum conditions for your temperature-sensitive or residual gas-sensitive applications at low pressures. 

We support your projects with, among other things, special vacuum chambers, specially coated optics and ion getter pumps from our MERKURION® product series. With AluVaC® technology products, you use very light, extremely low-outgassing and hardly magnetisable vacuum components made of 100 % aluminium, which also have long-term stable cutting edges (CF). Your applications benefit from our professional in-house component cleaning directly after production.

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Current projects

Together with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and other partners, we are shaping the technology of tomorrow.

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